[Introspective] OM*F*G!!!!!

Erik Cedergren ecgn at algonet.se
Sat Jan 10 10:40:26 PST 2004

> Since this group would also be interested in watching PAL discs, be
> sure to get one that does PAL-NTSC conversion.

        I don't know about PAL to NTSC, but for NTSC to PAL the 
processing performance of the player needs to be considered. At least 
on my player, which is a couple of years old by now, I can convert 
NTSC to PAL, but I experience some skipping and freezing every now and 
again. Make sure to test the player in the store with a PAL disc 
before you buy it to see that this is not the case.
        (For myself, I fortunately happen to own a TV that can handle 
PAL as well as NTSC - sometimes you just have to love the French - so 
I no longer have to play DVD:s in convert mode.)


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