[Introspective] PSB Christmas card to U.S. fan club members?

Zvonko Nikolich lureofthesea at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 23 16:28:59 PST 2004

Wayne - I received mine yesterday (Wednesday), in New York City....  It came
in a plain white square envelope with no return address.  No bubble wrap
this time, just the plain white envelope and the paper sleeve... as a
consequence of no padding, the playing surface of the DVD is quite badly
scratched (it's a miracle it didn't break), but it played fine in on my
laptop.  I couldn't tell you if a NTSC DVD player would play it (possibly

There is a message at the official site addressing the fact that there were
no Literally's recently...

Everyone - happy holidays and may the new year bring us all lots of great
music (and more interesting PSB polls by Wayne).

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> I'm wondering whether any of my fellow U.S. members of the PSB Fan Club
> have received their Christmas card yet. I haven't, and I'm wondering
> whether it's (1) because they simply haven't reached U.S. members yet
> (perhaps on account of a possible delay in creating the NTSC version of 
> the
> enclosed DVD), (2) because mine happens to be delayed or even lost in the
> mail, or (3) because my club dues may have been lost or stolen in the mail
> when I renewed my membership earlier this year. But I shouldn't try to
> check into the third possibility until I've ruled out the first.
> I'm eager to hear from other U.S. fan club members about this. In the
> meantime, thanks and (once again) Happy Holidays!
> Wayne
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