[Introspective] PSB Christmas card to U.S. fan club members?

Gilles G. gilles at etherreal.com
Thu Dec 23 17:52:16 PST 2004

At 19:28 -0500 23/12/04, Zvonko Nikolich wrote:

>Wayne - I received mine yesterday (Wednesday), in New York City....  It came
>in a plain white square envelope with no return address.  No bubble wrap
>this time, just the plain white envelope and the paper sleeve...

same for me here in belgium.
I received it on tuesday and several of my fellow belgian club members still haven't received it.
so I would suggest it's probably normal that yours has not reached the US yet.
cool idea anyway, faaar better than a 'PSB say no to war' card...

gilles, merry x-mas everybody
np DM - a broken frame
"shall we remember
december instead?
or worry about february?
mourn our war-torn dead
never seeing red?"
(PSB - My October symphony - 1990)

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