Re: [Introspective] Storsjöyran gig!

The Virtual One mats-bjo at
Sun Aug 1 07:17:46 PDT 2004

On Sun, 1 Aug 2004, Gilles G. wrote:

> At 14:30 +0200 1/08/04, The Virtual One wrote:
>> Despite the fact that none of my fellow Introspectovers seemed to get to this nights PSB gig in Östersund, Sweden then I still managed to get a good time
>> and thought I should share som visual memories with you =)
>> Go to and pray that my computer's online and you'll see some fantastic *laughs* videoclips of West End Girls a.o. apart from a bunch of more or less good pictures then =)
> great! thank you very much for sharing this so quickly. highly enjoyable :o)
> btw, are you on one of the audience pics?

Glad to be at service =) - no, since I took all the pics myself I didn't get 
caught on film... - I wore my black 'Pethead' t-shirt which was easily seen all 
over town though ;-)


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