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Wed Sep 24 23:48:32 PDT 2003

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Martin Rossini wrote:

> I went through Andrew !  ;)
> Miracles is trully a hit in the making. I bet my entire PSB Collection that
> this is a new TOP 10 hit for the boys. Today´s the time of the flashbacks, the
> comebacks, etc.

Is it? - Apart from Elton John going to #1 with a 30 year old song, then
Madonna haven't done particularly well with her 'American Life'-abum, has she?
A-ha didn't get very far with 'Lifelines' Cher has nothing to get back with
after 'Believe' 5 years ago and she still has just released her umpteenth
compilation album... What happened with George Michael last year? - Nothing!
Erasure have flopped miserably with 'Other peoples songs' - Naaah, the
ppl don't want old synthpop-geezers right now! - sorry to say it,
but I think it's a fact :-/

> PSB are going to be widely rewarded after this Greatest Hits release, the
> amount of money spent in the marketing campaign is 5 times bigger than
> Nightlife´s and Release´s. It is expected a World Tour at the beggining of the
> year 2004, visiting the 5 continets, including SOUTHAMERICA !!! OH YES !!!!  :)

And what did the Nightlife-tour do to their career apart from keeping us fans
happy? - nothing!

I know I'm sounding sceptical now - but seeing so many great PSB-tunes
just spend one or max twoo weeks in the top twenty during the last years
doesn't make it look good for this release...


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