[Introspective] Miracles

Martin Rossini Martin.Rossini at unilever.com
Wed Sep 24 17:23:50 PDT 2003

I went through Andrew !  ;)

Miracles is trully a hit in the making. I bet my entire PSB Collection that
this is a new TOP 10 hit for the boys. Today´s the time of the flashbacks, the
comebacks, etc.

PSB are going to be widely rewarded after this Greatest Hits release, the
amount of money spent in the marketing campaign is 5 times bigger than
Nightlife´s and Release´s. It is expected a World Tour at the beggining of the
year 2004, visiting the 5 continets, including SOUTHAMERICA !!! OH YES !!!!  :)
Another not yet confirmed issue is that the stage, scenography and colors will
change according to the continent they visit, adjusting this way the
"Art"istical set, and they will eventually invite to local "Pop" artist they
like, to join them at the stage. Weird don´t you think?

Anyway, all this information comes from a friend of mine working for EMI Spain.
I´ll let yuou know...


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