[Introspective] Re: commen on 'Miracles'

Visually69 at aol.com Visually69 at aol.com
Wed Sep 24 13:36:10 PDT 2003

>Time will tell, but in spite of my own enjoyment over this tune, I just
>can't see that it'll be able to boost the sales of 'PopArt' :-(

I gotta go with Mats on this one.  Miracles is okay, but I don't see it even 
reaching the top 20 in the UK.  Funnily enough, even a re-release of the 
original 7" version of "Was it worth it?" would stand a better chance (hard as it 
is to imagine).

Although the Nightlife album would have sounded much better if Miracles were 
there in place of Vampires (and the song Nightlife in place of In denial)

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