[Introspective] Since I haven't commented on 'Miracles' yet...

The Virtual One mats-bjo at dsv.su.se
Wed Sep 24 11:16:37 PDT 2003

...then I'll do it now :-)

It's a well-thru-thought track, with lots of nice passages and a general
sound that attracts me at least! But the question is as always - will it
be bought by the public???

I'm not as sure about that - once more it's a well-sophisticated tune with
a sound that I don't think anyone of us feels unfamiliar, but what has it
got that can compete with the tracks on the charts today?

Not much unfortunately :-/ - it's not a Christina Aguilera-type of song,
it's def. not a 50 Cent/Eminem-type - absolutely not a Sean Paul-one -
it doesn't have this 'crazy'-feel like 'Chihuahaua' or this laid-back style
that 'Where is the love' with Black Eyed Peas has! - it has absolutely
nothing in common with the kind of music being played on the radio/charts

It might be it's strenght (who knows?) - but I'm rather afraid that it is
it's weakness - ppl will once more think it's too 'complicated' and
sophisticated just to care!

Time will tell, but in spite of my own enjoyment over this tune, I just
can't see that it'll be able to boost the sales of 'PopArt' :-(


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