[Introspective] Re: [petheads] how do you like "Miracles"?

Two divided by zero 2by0 at twodividedbyzero.com
Wed Sep 24 01:00:58 PDT 2003

Two divided by zero wrote:

> Jakub Oslak wrote:
>> the song can be heard on the official site
>> i like it. very nice song, though definitely not a top-of-the-charts
>> blockbuster.
> I agree with you. It hasn't the ingredients to become a hit, but it's nice.
> The arrangements seems a little like an oldschool, retro sound but without
> being dated or associated with the 80's. That's the one of the best
> qualities of some of the best PSB tracks, its timeless personality. Check
> out "West end girls" or "Rent" for example. They could be released today and
> would still be contemporary.

I've listened again today and I find the beginning a little boring. Too
Robert Miles and progressive for my taste. But the bass line is really
amazing. The song is too much uplifting too. It has some chord changes thatt
doesn't sound PSB at all. It's nice, but very far from my favourites.

I hope they had reserved "If looks could kill" for this release. It's a far
better song, IMHO. And would hit the charts more easily, from my point of



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