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The Virtual One wrote:

> On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Martin Rossini wrote:
>> I went through Andrew !  ;)
>> Miracles is trully a hit in the making. I bet my entire PSB Collection that
>> this is a new TOP 10 hit for the boys. Today´s the time of the flashbacks,
>> the
>> comebacks, etc.
> Is it? - Apart from Elton John going to #1 with a 30 year old song, then
> Madonna haven't done particularly well with her 'American Life'-abum, has she?
> A-ha didn't get very far with 'Lifelines' Cher has nothing to get back with
> after 'Believe' 5 years ago and she still has just released her umpteenth
> compilation album... What happened with George Michael last year? - Nothing!
> Erasure have flopped miserably with 'Other peoples songs' - Naaah, the
> ppl don't want old synthpop-geezers right now! - sorry to say it,
> but I think it's a fact :-/

If you think about the American mainstream industry I think you're right,
but If you come a little bit closer to the underground, mainly in NY, London
and Europe in general you will see that the 80's had come back in the
beginning of this decade, and now the turn is for the rock mixed with
electronic music.

Artists like Lady Tron, Miss Kittin, Hacker, Felix da Housecat, Golden boy
are nothing but synthpop geezers and they are having massive success these
days. Even Soft Cell released a new album last year and it has bringing a
lot of good opinions about it.

Even the Boys themselves. The somewhat success of the Disco 3 album was
directly connected with the fact that they released a bunch of new tracks
with an 80's flavour written all over it. And the same will happen with
"Miracles". If it will ever be a chart hit, it will be more because of the
retro, oldschool line bass, that reminds of a Frankie goes to Hollywood
track, than because of the Robert miles-like piano introduction.

I hope that the Pet Shop Boys, in this new planned album, take their music
to the roots of electronic music of the 80's but without being dated.
Creating a timeless music, even though very electronic, very dance music.
Just like they did with Rent and Where the streets have no name.



PS: I was listening to "Miracles" today again and I thougth that its
melodical line reminded me of "To step aside". Anyone notices the same? I
think, this track, after all, is a grower.

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