[Introspective] Miracles - love it

Martin Rossini Martin.Rossini at unilever.com
Mon Sep 22 10:22:54 PDT 2003

I agree about the "begging to be remixed" sort of song. I just FEAR of the
remixer licensed this time. You know, sometimes it does not depend on the song
but on the remixer.
I think Frozen is not a "hit song" in its original version, but it sounds
beautiful in many of its remixed versions.

...and I have the feeling the DVD for PopArt will be AWESOME.  #1 in the DVD
charts FOR SURE.


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I really love "Miracles".  I find it very atmospheric and haunting.  I can't 
stop playing it and wish we didn't have to wait so long for the single.

It sounds like a song begging to be remixed so it will be interesting to hear 
how the mixes turn out.  I'm not always a fan of the mixes but I have a feeling 
these will be good.  :-)

"Miracles" has the potential to be a big hit as long as it is promoted right 
and has a good promo clip.  Let's all get behind it and do what we can.  I am 
from Australia so I hope the single is released here.

Amongst the official announcements for the single and "PopArt", there hasn't 
been any mention of the DVD.  I hope this just means that they are working on 
it and haven't been ready to announce it.

Roll on November.  :-)

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