[Introspective] Help promote airplay of the new single!

Paul Cannon paul.transforce at virgin.net
Sun Sep 21 16:49:43 PDT 2003

The idea is to bombard as many radio and TV stations with emails, phone calls, whatever. State in your communication that you have heard the fabulous new single from the Pet Shop Boys and that you wondered WHEN it was being added to their playlist, and if they were planning on interviewing the Boys in the forthcoming weeks before the singles release. If we play it that we *expect* to hear it/them, then I think it might get more attention. I'm searching the web now. If anyone finds contact details can they list them here. To start, this guy hosts the chart show from 4-7 on Sundays.

wes at bbc.co.uk
Let's make this list longer. Go!

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