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> > I think this is *exactly* the point!!! Sentences like "D3 might
> be a minor
> > work, but it's characteristically PSB" or "...are the kind that PSB were
> > meant to do..." are IMO the essence of such "disagreements". There are
> fans
> > (like you e.g.) who found themselves or started to listen to PSB music
> > around the time of Very and Relenless and so they expect PSB to
> do such a
> > kind of music (Somebody Else's Business, A Different Point Of View or
> > Euroboy). And then there are fans (like me e.g.) who found themselves or
> > started to listen to PSB music around the time of Please, Disco and
> > Actually. And for us Suburbia (the full horror), I Want A Lover, In The
> > Night or What Have I Done To Deserve This? are "characteristically PSB".
> It
> > doesn't mean we don't like "each other's" period; it just means we
> consider
> > two different styles to be "the typical Pet Shop Boys".
> And then there are fans who jump to conclusions, heheheh...
> Zdenek, I became
> a fan circa 1987 after hearing Rent and AOMM. Introspective, Actually and
> Disco were my first three PSB albums, and Behavior is my all-time
> favorite.
> Your profile of me is entirely wrong I'm afraid.

Oh, no I didn't jump to conclusion - or at least I didn't want to...:) And I
didn't want to make any profile of you either - so sorry if I did! I wrote
about the "fans who *found themselves* or started to listen to...". I really
feel there are such groups among us and it's not meant to be any "judging"
statement. If you feel to be a 'part' of an other "section" or no "section"
at all I have no reason not to believe you. :)

> That's no
> problem, although
> I do note that some arguments have been started on this list before by
> people mischaracterizing other fans' points of view.

I'm afraid you're doing this right now, aren't you? :))

But we won't start any argument, will we??? ;)

> Whenever anyone
> criticizes Release, for example, somebody flies off the handle and starts
> denouncing the critic for only liking dance music. One need not like dance
> music to find some flaws in Release (although I personally like Release a
> lot).

Hmm, you're definitely right here - I've noticed this as well.

> I called D3 a minor work b/c it is -- it's not a full album, it's a
> collection of crap remixes, leftovers from the last few years' worth of
> sessions (the Zippel stuff), two new recordings of very old (but
> unreleased)
> songs, and one entirely new song. You're right thought that it is
> debateable
> whether SEB and ILCK are more characteristically PSB than IGA.
> I'd say they
> are b/c they're more in the style that has always been associated with the
> Boys.

I don't agree. It's too much general IMO. *Who* associates this kind of
songs with the Boys??? I don't (and am not alone), you do (and are not
alone, too) - and that's why I talk about those "groups of different

> Anyway, I suppose my point is that on Disco 3 the Boys sound less
> self-conscious and less tired, more confident.

Absolutely! And to me this is the main reason why I consider D3 to be less
typical PSB than e.g. Disco. Because the Boys used to be tired, used to be
bored, used to be self-conscious --- and I loved it!!! ;)

Read you,

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