[trash-talk] Shirley sighting, Edinburgh

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Wed Jan 31 10:11:32 PST 2007

Mixed feelings here. I seemed to have lived 3 Garbage life times (a 3rd of
my life in reality); from being a casual fan, to meeting my wife because of
the band, to working for the band and label. Sometimes it seems only
yesterday I was listening to OHWIR for the first time on the bus to work,
down in England. Other times, it feels like that was all a weird dream, or
it happened to someone else :) It¹s strange too, over the last year or two
how the core fans have drifted (me included). I¹m wondering what it¹d be
life if the band released more work (not just the Greatest Hits). Ah anyway,
just musing here.

And talking of Garbage, we saw Shirley¹s younger sister on the bus at the
weekend! I had total flash-backs to my first trips to Edinburgh. Kind of
forget all the Garbage-fan madness living here :)

On 31/1/07 03:59, "GrbgGrrl at aol.com" <GrbgGrrl at aol.com> wrote:

> has it really been that long?
> i remember 1996 as if it were 2 weeks away. i was all about garbage and
> shirley and discovering new music. i've since then seen them thrice and
> unfortuntley only once did they headline.

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