[trash-talk] Hanging by threads of palest silver

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Tue Feb 27 00:58:41 PST 2007

Honestly - beautifulgarbage did anyone get that!RobGarbage Discography - http://www.garbage-discography.co.ukGarbage Discography RSS Feed - http://www.garbage-discography.co.uk/rss/updates.xmlGarbage Disco Box - http://www.garbagediscobox.comGarbage News RSS Feed - http://www.garbagediscobox.com/news/?feed=rss2Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2007 17:53:52 -0800From: germiflyx at yahoo.comTo: trash-talk at tcp.comSubject: [trash-talk] Hanging by threads of palest silver

Hey Trash-Talkers,
I just want to say that trash-talk was an integral part of my adolescence and, indeed, my growth into adulthood. I've been on here since I was about 16 (1996) and I am now 27. I took a break during the "BeautifulGarbage" era because I, perhaps, "didn't get it" but came back for "Bleed Like Me." I trust that we will be able to continue elsewhere because it is my belief that endings are only new beginnings, and even if this is the end of the line it will serve as a fond if not wistful memory.
Many thanks go to Ian of Cafe Montmartre etc., Krunk of the [somewhat] defunct garbage.net, Roxanne (GrttyKtty) and Supavixen2 (sorry I don't know yer real name off the bat) for the self-titled and "Version 2.0" days, and to all of you who have provided information, thoughts and other assorted goodies to Trash-Talk.
Looking forward to Trash-Talk v2.0

Lots of love,
"Stick it to them like a phoenix rise"

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