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Ian Abbott iabbott at ruiner.demon.co.uk
Mon Feb 19 01:07:14 PST 2007

Yep, you can save an RM. That 'mplayer' command I posted basically  
emulates RealPlayer as far as the server is concerned, but instead of  
playing the file, the mplayer 'dumpstream' option just takes the RM  
data it receives and places it in a file sequentially - essentially  
reconstructing (or dumping) the original file on your machine.

MPlayer is available on *NIX platforms (e.g. Mac OS X - see  
ffmpegX.com for binaries -  or Linux) though there might be a Windows  

Beyond that, you could probably use a program that does a similar  
task but in the audio stack of your computer. For example, on Mac OS  
X there's a very useful program called Audio Hijack Pro (from  
rogueamoeba.com) which inserts itself into the audio API call-stack  
of a selected OS X application (e.g. RealPlayer) and copies the audio  
to a separate file before passing the data along to where it was  
originally intended (i.e. your speakers). Again, I'm sure there's  
probably a similar app for Windows out there, but as I don't go near  
Windows whatsoever I couldn't really tell you.


On 19 Feb 2007, at 3:54 am, Manson wrote:

> Well, I would like to say thank you to Rob and Ian for the help.
> However, I don't know how to save or use an rpm file. And I have no  
> idea what that dumping a file is. I can't save an rm, can I? I have  
> a program that captures and saves everything else. It's those pesky  
> ram, rm files I have yet to conquer.
> *Grr*
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