[trash-talk] Trash-talk Digest, Vol 49, Issue 3

Manson manson26 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 18 21:36:07 PST 2007

Well hello! Your name looks familiar to me. I'm not a member from the early days, but pretty close. 

  There is indeed a best of CD, and it's getting closer and closer. Next month I believe. Isn't it strange to be so close to another release?!? I'm psyched!
  They went on hiatus but came back about a month ago. Shirley is reportedly in LA recording the solo... which Butch has helped on some. Anyone correct me if I am wrong.
  Haven't heard from Elfie or the Queen Helen in a while. It has turned into a bit of ghost town here. 
  But then there's not much to discuss when your favorite band goes into hiding!!! Let's all hope for good things to come. I'll be here... always. I may not be all googly over the band as I was 5 years ago, but I still love getting the clippings, the bootlegs, the cd's, the videos, etc...

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