[trash-talk] Trash-talk Digest, Vol 49, Issue 3

Josiah Earle gogojosiah at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 18 02:24:11 PST 2007

Hey guys. It's Josiah. I don't even know how many different e-mail adresses I have had to tell you that I subscribed to this list on. But I'm finally back, due to my love, as I imagine is shared by you, for the band Garbage. I've re-subscribed digest-style to hear of a best of CD? I don't even understand how that would happen due to record company contracts of Shirley's. I am so behind. People miss Alan. Where is that boy? I am at least comforted by the fact that Shell is still here. I don't even know if anyone here at TT remembers me, but it is of no matter. 
  Has our band called it quits? Shirl is back in Edinburgh. Where is everyone else? I aplogize for my lack of knowledge.
  Elfie is elsewhere? Does anyone remember me?
  I hope so. This discussion list used to be my lifeline. 
  Let me know your thoughts.

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