[trash-talk] anyone know what garbage is up to?

Asbjørn Andersen garbage at pc.dk
Wed May 24 08:00:07 PDT 2006

Congratulations on your wedding :)
Garbage as a band is very quiet, but here's a quick update on the 

Shirley is doing a solo album, working with David Arnold.
Duke is producing Freedy Johnston's new double album Rain on the City
Butch just had a baby girl with his wife (she's very pretty) and he's 
producing as well as working on two possible film scores.
Not sure what Steve is up to - just that he has moved to a new place.

pbecwar at netscape.net wrote:

> seems like people who don't even follow them know more than me right 
> now.  btw i just got married 2 weeks ago.  whoo hoo !!!
> pat

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