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It was pretty much a full concert, except that they would stop every 4 or 5 songs to reset the stage to accomodate the next guest performer.  Incubus, Kings of Leon, and Iggy Pop were there too, and they all got a chance to perform with the Pretenders.
  Shirley did 3 songs with just the Pretenders, sharing the vocals with Chrissie -- Talk of the Town, then another Pretenders song I didn't recognize, then OHWIR -- and then she came back out at the end of the show with all the other artists for a massive performance of "Middle of the Road", which was, IMO, knock-your-socks-off awesome!
  I'll copy my original concert report from garbagedisco.com, 'cause I wrote a lot and I remembered it better then than I do now:
  I just got back from Atlantic City. The show was, in my opinion, phenomenal. Basically, it was just one long kick-ass concert with a few breaks for equipment breakdown/setup. I've heard when they air the show, it includes interview bits, but none of that took place at tonights performance. I don't recall all the details of the show, so I'll just relate the parts that included our girl Shirl. The rest I'll skim over. 

Incubus opened with a couple of songs before Chrissie joined them on stage to perform "Drive" (Incubus' big hit). Then there was a break to reset some of the equipment. 

Then the Pretenders came out and Chrissie introduced Shirley and called her onto the stage. Shirley was visibly nervous. It seemed Chrissie expected her to say something, but Shirley just said something like, "Let's just get on with it, so I can loosen up and relax." 

They went into "Talk of the Town". It was amazing. Shirley must have been working on her vocals these past months, because this was her first song out of the box, and she was spot on. I mean they nailed that song. What a beautiful duet. 

Then they did another Pretenders song with which I wasn't familiar. Also excellent. I just wish I'd known the song beforehand so I could really appreciate it. 

Then they paused between songs, and they congratulated themselves on sounding so good, explaining that they'd been up 'til 2 am the night before in Chrissie's hotel room. I think they said they were up all night drinking tea. That's hardcore rock-n-roll, right there ;) 

Also, at some point in there, Shirley appeared a bit flustered and commented on the craziness of performing with her own idol. Chrissie egged her on a bit, saying "Shirley Manson, this is your life." 

Then Chrissie mentioned how excited she was to have the opportunity to play the next song with Shirley. Much to my delight, they launched into OHWIR. They traded off verses, and Shirley would sing the main "Pour your misery down" and Chrissie picked up the background "Pour your misery" vocals, the way it's heard on the album. Absolutely cool as hell. Chrissie messed up a bit at the end, but they had a laugh over it. Not unlike your average Garbage show. 

Next the Kings of Leon played with the Pretenders, and then Iggy Pop. Mixed in there, the Pretenders also played a ton of stuff by themselves. It was all an excellent performance. A lot to enjoy, even for not being familiar with most of what I was hearing. 

For the finale, everyone came onstage and they performed "Middle of the Road". That was an absolute blast! Chrissie at her mic, flanked on either side by Shirley and Iggy, and the three of them surrounded by what seemed like countless men with guitars. They traded off verses and shared the chorus. Shirley got to do the counting bit, getting up in Chrissie's face while Chrissie wailed on guitar. 

In short, it was well worth the price of admission. Definitely more than I'd expected. I can't wait to see it again on TV, and I hope they don't cut out the cool interactions between songs. It was a bit of a unique experience, watching Shirley perform with Chrissie. I was more excited for her than I was for myself. Go Shirl! ;)

wilson king <garbagebase at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Hey that sounds really cool! 

Was it a full Pretenders concert or what? Did Shirley perform with the
Pretenders? Of course Chrissy Hynde joined Garbage on stage and sang
OHWIR with the band in London back in Jan 1999. 

Tell us more! 

--- Brendan Kelly wrote:

> I'm still here.
> Got to see Shirley with the Pretenders in Atlantic City for the VH1
> Decades Rock Live! concert. Fanastic show! It'll probably be airing
> in October, from the looks of the Decades Rock Live! website. I
> posted a little report over at the garbagedisco forum.
> "petra." 
> Hello People.
> That is all
 just wanted to see if people are alive and well. 
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