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ooh ooh i got to be at that one !!!!  i wasn't a trasher yet, though, so i didn't meet anyone at that show.
p.s. wanna hear something depressing?  that last concert I saw was in FEBRUARY (coldplay).
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Hey that sounds really cool! 

Was it a full Pretenders concert or what? Did Shirley perform with the
Pretenders?  Of course Chrissy Hynde joined Garbage on stage and sang
OHWIR with the band in London back in Jan 1999.  

Tell us more! 

--- Brendan Kelly <garbageotaku at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I'm still here.
>   Got to see Shirley with the Pretenders in Atlantic City for the VH1
> Decades Rock Live! concert.  Fanastic show!  It'll probably be airing
> in October, from the looks of the Decades Rock Live! website.  I
> posted a little report over at the garbagedisco forum.
> "petra." <petra at houston.rr.com> wrote:
>                 Hello People.
>   That is all? just wanted to see if people are alive and well. 
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