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ok.. in airport on way home from show.. it was fucking insane!!! i asked 
butch about the filming of the show and he said that they are filming to 
compile footage for a dvd they would like to release late next year.. he 
said that its been their goal to get the b sides album together and then a 
greatest hits, but currently the issue is still being on so many different 
labels on an international level

then i asked him about future bsides, in particualr hanging wit the 
bitches.. he then sung it and made guitar noises.. it sounds brilliant.. he 
said that he wants to get it out and release it and that they have other 
stuff he wants to release soon

anyways, the correct setlist;

hurt / queer / bad boyfriend / super / is not the enemy / why do you love me 
/ vow / stupid / only happy when it rains / metal heart / happy home / shut 
your mouth / cherry lips / i think im paranoid / push it / right between the 
eyes // bleed like me / special / when i grow up

the vibe from the audience was the best so far.. this show was the highlight 
of my garbage touring experience

shirl gave a brilliant australian impersonation to which the band gave her 
bad looks over.. she then pointed it out that they didnt like when she did 
it in melbourne palais.. it was so steryotypical.. 3/4 of the show was 
filmed.. shirl got all the boys including eric to talk.. so butch said 
'we're not fucking breaking up'.. and claire got wished happy 50th show

the muphets also got played between bleed and special.. to which shirley was 
not in tune with the audience.. it was funny.. and also steve played this 
weird song loop which i think may have been australian, but it was very 
steryotypical australian... great show!!

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>Subject: [trash-talk] Melbourne Forum 28/09
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>Link for Mondays review: (with pic)
>Last night seemed to have a better vibe than Monday night. Got to hear a
>bit from all band members. Steve messing around with
>songs, one of which Shirley requested "Muppets??" I think she said. Also
>expressed that
>Shirl was chatty and messing with the boys. She wasn't 100% vocally tho,
>you could hear it and I think the "hiatus" is
>very very much in need. Not sure she'd cope with much more of a tour. Met
>Butch and Duke after the show and heard that
>some of the show might be on a DVD. Someone asked Butch about "Hanging with
>the bitches" as a b-side and along with
>singing a bit of the song he said that there was a lot of stuff they had to
>get out.
>Again, from memory not actual order.
>Hurt intro
>Bad Boyfriend
>Sex is not the enemy
>Metal heart
>Stupid girl
>Happy home
>Cherry lips
>Shut your mouth
>Right between the eyes
>Push it
>Bleed like me
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