[trash-talk] Dear worried and confused... garbage responds.

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I think if the band would have put out a statement and just told us what was
going on instead of having fans piece togetther articles trying to figure
out what was going on. This would not have happend.

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> The band asked us to publish the following letter on
> Garbage.com, so I'm posting it here too FYI...
> "Dear worried and confused,
> After reading all the bullshit out there about the future
> of
> Garbage ,we felt compelled to write a few lines here to
> address the issue and set the record straight.
> Certain journalists have taken the liberty of running
> wildly
> inaccurate stories in recent days about our so called
> "break-up". Made up out of cobbled together,out of context
> quotes to feed some perverse agenda of their own,these
> stories are nothing more than idle speculation and are
> completely inaccurate.
>    The truth of the matter is really simple and
> surprisingly hard to misconstrue. For more than ten years,
> we have been in a cycle of album-making and touring and
> for the first time in our history, we have made a decision
> to break that cycle and take some time off. What does that
> mean? We are NOT breaking up. However, we ARE taking some
> much-deserved time off to spend with our families and
> friends.  How much time? We don't know.
> This decision came as a difficult yet necessary one in
> order to preserve something we hold very dear. The last
> ten years have been an incredible experience for all of us
> and we appreciate all the freedom, love and support you
> have so generously given us during that time. We are
> eternally grateful to you all and we look forward to the
> next chapter in all of our lives with great excitement and
> enthusiasm.
> True Love Forever,
> Garbage."
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