[trash-talk] on a positive note

Brendan Kelly garbageotaku at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 21 12:43:08 PDT 2005

Following the tour this past spring, I signed up to get email updates from Cafe Momo in Madison.  The newsletter I got this week says the Know It All Boyfriends will be one of the bands performing in the coming months.  No date was listed for them yet, just the mention that they'd be coming.  It's nice to know those of us who can get to Madison will still have opportunities to see Duke and Butch rock out in their hometown.  And you never know, there's always a chance Steve-o will drop in.
I've still never seen KIAB perform.  This last tour was my first trip to Madison, and our little group of trashers got to talk to all the Boyfriends (as well as some other local friends of Duke).  So I'm thinking next time they jam at the Momo, maybe I'll make the trip from Philly to see them play.  It could be an excuse for trashers to get together again :)
- brendan
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