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Tue Sep 20 09:40:01 PDT 2005

| New System to Counter Photo and Video Devices                      |
|   from the movie-studios-rejoice dept.                             |
|   posted by ScuttleMonkey on Monday September 19, @19:01 (Privacy) |
|   http://hardware.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/09/19/2121218     |

Incongruity writes "News.com is reporting that a team from Georgia Tech
has developed and demoed a system that actively [0]searches for and
effectively blinds cameras and camcorders within a 10 meter radius."  
the article: "In this system, a device bathes the region in front of it
with infrared light. When an intense retroreflection indicates the
presence of a digital camera lens, the device then fires a localized  
of light directly at that point. Thus, the picture gets washed out."

Discuss this story at:

     0. http://news.com.com/Crave+privacy+New+tech+knocks+out+digital 

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