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Brendan Kelly garbageotaku at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 16 13:49:07 PDT 2005

Shannon ("Little Shirley") called me during the show and let me listen through her cell phone.  It all sounded rather garbled, but I could make out the vocal melodies when the guitars got quieter, especially during Nobody Can Win and Cherry Lips.  Fantastic show from what I was able to hear.  I could only catch bits and pieces of Shirley's monologues, but Shannon helped me get the gist of what was said.
That was Jennifer Jolly that had Shirley shave her head.  Shannon filled me in afterwards: Apparently Jennifer had battled cancer in the past, and now it's recurring, and she needs to go for more chemo-therapy.  So she had a chance to talk to Duke before the show, and she told him about it and gave him a note to give to Shirley, saying she'd rather have her head shaved by Shirley than lose her hair to the chemo.  So Shirley pulled her up on stage and did it right then and there.  Seemed pretty cool, if a bit unusual ;)  Now let's all hope things go well for Jennifer.
Anyway, I wasn't there in body, but I did the best I could under the circumstances.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they come around the east coast/midwest one more time.  Either that, or hold off touring until I have the money to go see them wherever they do play ;)
- brendan

Stefanie Schwartz <skull at spastica.net> wrote:
anybody who missed this show is a jerk.
i do not have the set list, but it was sweet.
shirley shaved a girl's head while the boys played a song
with duke on vocals... shirley told ten minute long
monologues about hair phobias and brought aimee echo of
theSTART out for 'only happy when it rains,' which was
fuckin HOT.
if this was the end, it was a great way to go out. 

great to meet so many trash talk members, sorry we kicked
you all out of our hotel room so early.. i feel awful about
that but we'll have occasion to party again some day.

i'm on shitty hotel internet so i will post more about this
later, but wow. amazing show.

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