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Thanks for that Mark, will have to get the paper today!
No doubt will see you at the Melbourne gigs! Any meets organised for either 


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> >From "The Age"
>Tomorrow's Garbage
>September 16, 2005
>Andrew Murfett talks to Shirley Manson about Garbage and other touchy
>SHIRLEY MANSON can't work out what she hates more, the weight of being
>in a band or the fact that her bandmates are "studio nerds".
>Through 10 tumultuous years, Garbage has always been a curious entity.
>Basically, Manson, the fiery redhead from Edinburgh, supplies the spunk
>and the less-charismatic Butch Vig, Steve Marker and Duke Erikson its
>instrumental flourish.
>"That's very kind of you but that's not how they really see it," Manson
>"They're more laid-back and pragmatic than me, and they love the
>studio, whereas I have no time for it. I don't want to labour making
>music, I want to get my ideas down and then move forward. I don't think
>we'd have ever gotten anything done if I wasn't there."
>For the most part, it's a combination that has worked well.
>Originally a virtual vanity project for Vig, who produced two of modern
>rock's seminal albums, Nirvana's Nevermind and Smashing Pumpkins'
>Siamese Dream, Garbage emerged in the mid-1990s with a striking,
>genre-bending self-titled album.
>"We were very aware we'd made a record that was quite unusual," Manson
>Combining searing electronic-infused rock (Vow) with sultry pop (Queer
>and Milk), the debut ensured Manson quickly became a worldwide star.
>"I remember that time well. It was exciting but also enormously
>stressful," she says.
>"I found the pressure quite intense. Our schedule was just ... insane
>and caused a lot of tension in the band. It was an uncomfortable
>Almost a decade on from their debut, rock radio playlists have shifted
>Whereas Manson once rubbed shoulders with the likes of Tracy Bonham,
>Alanis Morissette, the Cranberries, Bjork and Hole on rock radio,
>Manson is now one of the medium's last high-profile female voices.
>"I find it bemusing and terrifying," she says.
>"There's an enormous proliferation of beautiful young entertainers. But
>I don't see a space on the airwaves for women that aren't willing to
>conform to the expectations of how women should look and sound.
>"Historically, society has never really tolerated women who have
>anything to say easily. We're living in a time of great fear that
>encourages conservatism and women have never fared particularly well
>under conservative values."
>One female kindred spirit is Melbourne-born rock siren Brody Dalle, of
>now-defunct Los Angeles rockers the Distillers.
>Manson and Dalle hooked up when their two bands were touring with No
>Doubt. The association led to Manson appearing on the last record from
>Dalle's boyfriend's band, Queens of the Stone Age.
>"There's a certain intensity that comes from QOTSA's musicianship but
>there's also an amazing amalgamation of irreverence and talent, which
>is unusual."
>The lucid sessions with QOSTA were a stark contrast to the plodding
>manner in which her Garbage bandmates work.
>The fact Garbage record their albums in Wisconsin added to Manson's
>angst. She doesn't drive and found it difficult to get around. And
>although she refuses to talk about it, Manson's own marriage
>"I felt like a prisoner sometimes, being in essentially in what is a
>small town in the middle of farm land. It's a really lovely town full
>of amazing people but not the sort of environment I was used to. I grew
>up as an urban teenager in a city.
>"On the first two Garbage records, we drank a lot, did a lot of drugs,
>read a lot, went to the movies. That has sort of calmed down a bit but
>the books and movies remain."
>Manson says that after the group disbanded she held little hope of them
>ever reconvening. She still has difficulty explaining how the band
>"We do love each other but I think it's hard for everyone to get over
>their anger. It's all very delicate and, in the end, a pain in the
>Tellingly, after their last album Bleed Like Me notched some of the
>best sales of their career (particularly in the US), and the band
>declared themselves to be in form on stage, they announced the
>cancellation of a European tour.
>Rumours abound that their Australian jaunt will be the band's last
>shows. Many believe Garbage have held Manson back, and that 10 years
>into her career, she should be a star of Gwen Stefani's status.
>Manson, though, is evasive.
>"I'm sure I will make a solo record at some point," she says,
>"I will want to move on and try different things in my life. Being in a
>band for a long time is really strange. You can't move without the
>other three feeling it and the responsibility of that can really weigh
>heavily after a while."
>Garbage play the Palais Theatre on Monday and the Forum Theatre on Wednesday.
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