[trash-talk] Warfield, San Francisco - 9/10/2005

wilson king garbagebase at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 11 16:22:11 PDT 2005

intro(Hurt)/ Queer / Bad Boyfriend / Boys Wanna Fight / Sex is Not the
Enemy / Why Do You Love Me / Vow / Cherry Lips / Only Happy / Metal
Heart / Happy Home / Shut Yer Mouth / Grow Up / Nobody Can Win /
Paranoid / Push It / Right Between the Eyes //

Bleed Like Me / #1 Crush > Stupid Girl

Live debut of Nobody Can Win.

The arrow > from Crush into Stupid Girl is because as the guitars were
still sustaining the final chords of #1 Crush, Butch started in the
with drums for Stupid Girl... 


"The greatest price of refusing to participate in politics is being governed by your inferiors."

 - Plato, The Republic

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