[trash-talk] european cancellations

Marta Rogalińska redgilda at post.pl
Mon Sep 5 23:09:48 PDT 2005

SS>  what about the
SS> people in parts of the world who the band haven't hit in
SS> years, who will likely never see them again?

like  Poland.  ok  *I* was lucky enough to travel to see them more times
but  plenty  of  people in my country only saw them once in '99 (or some
not  even  back  then).  and  even though this year they were in all the
countries  bordering  with  Poland, they omitted us, but I guess this is
not Garbage's fault anyway...

Id  still  wish  to  see  them  this fall in Europe. it would be nice to
finish  the  tour off in Edinburgh :( (thats where I was planning to see
them :P)

pity :(
I still hope they'll be back :)
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