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Shell Bryson shell.bryson at dhnewmedia.com
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Greg is our videographer (Ultrastar), and he covered about 20 shows in
total. He shot all of the videos that are on Garbage.com too. Unlike
previous "shoots" of gigs (pre BLM), the deal with this is that Garbage owns
100% rights to all the videos shot. Expect most of the footage to end up on
a DVD!




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I was at that show as well.  The cameraman out back after the show was Greg
-- he shot most of the shows I saw on that tour, and before and after some
of them he would come outside and interview the fans.  As far as I know, his
video was just used for the little montages that appeared on garbage.com and
the "behind the scenes" stuff on the DVD singles.


Anyway, as far as Greg's video being used for a whole live DVD, I wouldn't
cound on it.  I saw him shoot parts of lots of shows, but never the whole

Darren <dnemeth01 at charter.net> wrote:

They taped the April 27, 2005 Detroit show I was at.

A video camera was stationed at the sound board and after the show when the
band came out the back door and signed autographs a camer man was shooting
vidoe of everything.

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