[trash-talk] also back...

Alan Hoppe scully_itsme at hotmail.com
Wed May 18 18:17:54 PDT 2005


lmao - omg - christine, how could i ever forget youuuuuuuuu? i have a 
christine tattoo on me bum. that's so awesome that you finally saw the band 
perform live. and YAY on your BG comments. that BG album still has a special 
place in my heart and there are no words to properly do its impact upon my 
psyche justice. so there. take that.

i love you christine and i hope you get a chance to kick me real hard in the 
head if we ever meet. cuz i'm a wanker who never calls


>From: "Christine Smith" <seriphin at mindless.com>
>To: trash-talk at tcp.com
>Subject: [trash-talk] also back...
>Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 21:07:20 -0500
>seeing as someone said they were back....i will also anounce that i am 
>i saw the concert at the the rave on the 28th last month in milwakee.  i'm 
>curious as if anyone went there and recorded stuff.
>oh it was so queer but i had never seen them live before and the moment i 
>saw shirley, it brought tears to my eyes.  bleed like me is really growing 
>on me, and...liking beautiful garbage a little more becuase it's a sad 
>fucking cd for me.
>does alan remember me?  seri?  christine?
>ALAN! email me and tell me what's up!
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