[trash-talk] this is weird.

Ian Abbott iabbott at ruiner.demon.co.uk
Sun May 8 08:05:10 PDT 2005

I know it's not your choice - I know the position you're stuck in as  
I've been in similar circumstances... companies get entrenched in  
certain ways of doing things, particularly when they've probably paid  
a tonne of cash for a bunch of licensed servers. A mate of mine works  
over at the BBC and they hate using Real for video streaming (they're  
even doing their own codec R&D on Dirac) but the management paid for  
N years of using Real and they're stuck with it!

As for FLV within SWF, that's easy enough to figure out - I've  
managed to grab FLV streams with one mouse click in Apple Safari. As  
I've said to many people over the years, if it can be seen or heard  
it can be copied. There is no foolproof distribution protection  
online, and I think that's actually a good thing - I get worried when  
I hear that some companies would like everything on operating systems  
to go through ridiculously convoluted systems to get licenses for  
playback and so on. Maybe not so much a problem when they're  
distributing, but they plan to add this "functionality" to stuff that  
you've created yourself. All very daft and just a tad too controlling.

Nope, I'm for quality - and alas most video streams just aren't good  
enough for me. There's a lot of work in that area and it will improve  
over time...

The question is, will I get bollocked if I do a lovely H.264 encode  
of the next G video whenever it goes on TV???


PS War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing :P

On 8 May 2005, at 15:49, Shell Bryson wrote:
> That's mostly down to lack of choice... Given the option I'd have  
> asked for
> the videos to be done in FLV  - better quality and a pain in the  
> arse to
> copy (Move within a movie thanks to Flash, the end use may NEVER  
> know where
> to source video really is). Not that even THIS stops the movies  
> being stolen
> (which I personally don't care that much about... the quality is more
> important).
> Ideally I'd have WMV:HD, QT & FLV on garbage.com, but that's not up  
> to me.
> There's no war going on BTW :)

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