[trash-talk] this is weird.

Shell Bryson shell.bryson at dhnewmedia.com
Sun May 8 07:49:52 PDT 2005

That's mostly down to lack of choice... Given the option I'd have asked for
the videos to be done in FLV  - better quality and a pain in the arse to
copy (Move within a movie thanks to Flash, the end use may NEVER know where
to source video really is). Not that even THIS stops the movies being stolen
(which I personally don't care that much about... the quality is more

Ideally I'd have WMV:HD, QT & FLV on garbage.com, but that's not up to me.

There's no war going on BTW :)

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Nope, don't worry there's a big war going on at the moment. I'm  
keeping my head down.

Particularly when it got onto video encoding issues as - apart from  
being someone who was actually encoding Garbage videos from the TV (I  
must be in G's bad books now obviously for taking revenue away from  
garbage.com's video feeds :o)), well, my opinions on how crap Windows  
Media and Real Streaming are for displaying videos over the web are  
well known, especially as my day-to-day work involves video  
encoding... I know that record labels prefer streaming as they daftly  
think it stops copies being made (they've never heard of mplayer's -- 
dumpstream option then) but it also plays back awfully and doesn't  
scrub whatsoever, particularly Windows Media which - if it plays at  
all - decodes like a dog on anything that isn't Windows (no surprise  
there). Unfortunately when people think video they think WMV and  
Real. Apart from most promo directors though, who sensibly use  
QuickTime - including Sophie Muller who makes the G videos these  
days. Hopefully H.264 will get more people on board :P

Right, now to hide again...

Nice to see you back though Alan!


On 8 May 2005, at 06:07, Alan Hoppe wrote:

> i resubbed a little bit ago, and the only messages i've received  
> are elfie messages about downloading music.
> surely there are other trash-talkers posting messages? am i being  
> left out of the message loop, except for the messages from (the  
> beloved and wondrous) elfie?
> this is weird. what the hell.
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