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Shell,  before you received all the Garbage material in advance, did you 
*ever*  download anything by Garbage ever?

lol :) :) :)
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From: "SpaceGirl"  <spaceg... at harmony2k.demon.co.uk>
Subject: Re: Guess who has all the  Garbage tracks in mp3....
Date: 1998/11/17

~~And there was me trying to be nice! I was only offering the files for  those
poor souls who've not had the chance to hear the singles. I do have  them on
CD myself, but re-recorded them in MP3 so that I could put them on my  RA
server here at work. No, I don't have all the limited edition stuff (as  much
as I'd like to) and I don't even have a record player any more. I  meant
"all" as in the singles. I was just exited coz I'd just got my mp3  server
working, and didn't expect to get blasted for offering the files FOR  FREE.
Some people need to take a chill pill IMHO.~~
~Mono Girl~

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