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Sat May 7 01:42:37 PDT 2005

I never really found any Garbage video that are dvd quality! I do have some promo videos but they're vhs so the quality is not great (same for the debut video), and most of the ones I have are crap. And trust me, I'm sure if Garbage released a dvd compiling all of their videos, people would buy it. I mean, I bought video compilation dvds of bands I like or love but I'm not a fan of, just because I love one or two of their videos and I want them dvd quality. Even if I downloaded the video before (which I rarely do for band videos). And most Garbage videos are available to watch legally in website (garbage.com, mtv sites, etc). As for my dvd, it was just a way to share something with fans, give them something that many can't find anywhere and we've been waiting for so long. If it bothers people so much then I might not do another one. The thing is, to me the dvd is like the fanzine. It's like... things you can find online or somewhere else, but with a nice layout and a lot of work. By
 the way, I see people talking about video and music sharing, but what about photos from magazines or from images companies? To me it's the same thing! Yet no one seemed to be bothered... 
As for downloading... again... "people" keep saying downloading is lowering the albums sales, etc.No... People have changed and so have their needs. Sure, record sales went down, but music dvd and ringtones sales just exploded in the past few years. And tickets concerts. I noticed, in France, bands play bigger venues yet they don't sale more records. A 15 year old who downloaded the album because they only get x money, they'd spend that money to see the band live. If they buy the album, they don't see them live. The money comes another way, but it still comes.

As for me, and most people I know... I download music, albums, etc. But it can never replace the actual cd or vinyl. I will NEVER pay to legally download a track. And I buy 99 per cent of the albums I download, the others I throw away. I download so I can listen to it and see if I like it. If I dont, would I keep it on my pc, no! OR when the album doesn't exist: give me the 'But I Am A Cheerleader' movie soundtrack and then I'll stop downloading the songs from the movie. I could buy each album to get each song seperately but you can't even find most of them. Or sometimes I download an album, because I don't have the money, and then I buy it a couple of months later. I mean, should I stop listening to music because I'm poor? 

And, I still strongly believe that downloading music is doing good to the musical industry. I can't tell you how many bands and albums I discovered that way, and bought. Dozens and dozens, I would NEVER have bought had I not downloaded it before. Still have a few albums to buy by the way.. 
Sure, there are always people who never buy cds and only download. But it's their own loss. And I'm sure if they HAD to buy the cds, they would not be the people buying them. But they are not that many. 

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