[trash-talk] I may be a pest pointing this out... BUT

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Just because it's not released in your country is not an excuse. What if the
band were to release a DVD collection? It might be deemed pointless by the
label if everyone has already ripped off copies. While hardcore fans would
buy a DVD for their collection, once a video gets onto a P2P network no
casual fan is likely to spend the money. Even if ever hardcore fan bought a
copy, a DVD would instantly be a costly exercise.

As sad as it might seem, it does hurt the band, indirectly. While files
swapped on this list isn't a big issue, it's just a short step and they're
out in the wild, being shared by everyone. That DOES hurt the band. If you
get nothing extra at all by buying a DVD or single which you can't already
get for free, casual fans won't bother. It's easier and cheaper to download.

I disagree with Elfie. I don't see how it cannot do the record industry harm
(and in turn the band). It's really simple - and album costs millions to
make. Every sale 'lost' hurts the band, reduces the chance of singles, cuts
money off of video shoots and so on. 50% of people don't buy singles now.
This is why it only takes 10,000 copies of a single to make #1 in the
charts. That's because 50,000 people have already downloaded the track and
there's no point in buying it. It does not PROMOTE the band at all - very
few people end up going to Garbage gigs because of hearing an MP3 of the
album (the gigs are too small - Garbage is not a stadium filling
multi-million ticket selling band). People who download MP3s tend to
download entire albums, so Garbage don't make any extra sales. You're not
very likely to go buy a single if you've already downloaded the album. And
so on...



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Just my opinion, but some people would never get to see the videos if 
people didn't encode them and put them up on the Internet.  They are not 
that readily available to everyone.  For example, was You Look So Fine 
ever shown on MTV or VH1 in the U.S.?  Maybe, but I certainly never got 
to see it.


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