[trash-talk] wot no garbage?

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HMV and Virgin in Edinburgh, Princes had both sold out. I asked why, and
they said they were only sent 5 copies of the 7" singles. They had maybe 10
copies left each? HMV said they had been selling well, but they had no other
stock other than what was on display. HMV in Ocean Terminal (Leith) had the
singles, but no 7" ones. Ripping Records told me off for being so stupid to
even ask (apparently they DON'T DO SINGLES). arseholes. Avalanche had copies
of the singles and 7", but only the red ones. I asked everywhere about the
white-tape ones and nobody has any, or heard of them.


And THAT is the end of that investigation. I walked all OVER town lol.





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    Same here. Looked in two stores locally and it's not around. Not a great
sign.... It was here I bought WDYLM.

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