[trash-talk] OC Fair show

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Wed Jul 27 23:51:52 PDT 2005

Tonight's show was great, lots of fun.  Shirley seemed
in high spirits, sweating like a pig (and there were
real pigs not too far away), talking a lot, tons of
rants about the radio business, how great us fans are
the past 10 years, and about shagging better than
jessica simpson, and most importantly playing tons of
new songs and self-titled tracks.  First time I heard
Happy Home and Boys Wanna Fight live.  Duke facked up
a song and Shirley made sure to rub it in that it
wasn't her fault for once, and did some improv... 
Really fun show and a nice long encore compared to the
LA show earlier in the spring.  The shiny shoes are
gone though :(  If this is the final show down here,
it was a great finale.  Ok, end of random ramblings
from the OC...  G-Bot Loves Shirley! <3 <3 <3

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