[trash-talk] Garbage @ Exit festival, Serbia - report

Sneža vixen at net.yu
Sat Jul 9 12:45:22 PDT 2005

Only happy after rain

Garbage were headliners the 2nd night of the festival. They were supposed to
perform around 00.00 after Ian Brown. It was a great night, but something 
just had to go wrong!
Just as Ian had finished and technicians were setting the stage & equipment for
G, applause rolled on arrival of Butch's drums :) the storm started...and I mean real 
storm with all the wind, lightning, thunder, heavy rain. Ay save the drums!!! ;))
Rain went on till 1.00am and we thought the concert would be canceled, 
b/c they packed all the equipment. Still no one wanted to leave. Finally a guy 
came on to the stage to tell us that the band really wants to perform it'll just take 
time to put everything back to function. For that all the credits go to ppl in G team. 
BTW who is that guy who looks SOOO like Steve? We kept calling him Steve-o's clone :-))

So with some 2 hours delay the concert started. The beginning was a bit 
different from other G gigs, no intro and no Queer :( It kicked of with BB and kept 
going with fast high energy songs. Guess they thought we need a kick after standing 
in one place for 2 hours. Just one ballad BLM in the encore. 

Bad boyfriend
Not my idea
Stupid girl
Sex is not...
Metal heart
Push it 
Only happy...
Bleed like me 
Right between the eyes

Great show overall. The highlights were SG and  of course Only happy for understandable reason. Shirley kindly ;-) pointed out that we are "fucking crazy Serbs" 
for standing in the pouring rain. INDEED we are, thank you. I should mention that as an 
announcement to Only happy, Shirley started and we joined her in a chorus of
"Singing in the rain", hahahha unreal

The show was 1.15 min. The reason for that is they had an hour of drive to the airport
to catch a flight to Paris. Still they managed to squeeze most of their standard songs. 
Thank God they played Metal heart from the new album, cause I was ready to yell
from top of my lungs and demand that song :)   

To end my rambling...this was my first G show and my ooh my it was memorable :) 
So, hvala Shirley, Butch, Steve & Duke.


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