[trash-talk] trash talk bad vibrations

Thomas Young thermos77 at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 28 19:37:37 PDT 2005

guys i am TRULY sorry that i may have started this FLAME STORM here...
if i had any idea my post would have brought on this kid of strom i never 
would have posted...
i am sorry if i have offened anyone with this...
i still stand by my damning post and support our service men and women from 
all countries far and wide.
i am sorry that this GARBAGE MAILING LIST is now in turmoil for a bit...

"...your nothing special here..."
"...you want to hear about my new obsession, i am riding high on a deep 
depression, i am only happy when it rains..."
"...don't think you're having all the fun  you know me i hate everyone..."

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