[Trash-talk] SCCTA MP3 LINK HERE

Merka, Lauren Lauren.Merka at trinity.edu
Wed Apr 13 17:13:41 PDT 2005

Being someone who's actually thinking about going to law school for matter of Intellectual Property, I think this discussion is about the technical definitions of what piracy is. Not so much 'you can't do that or I'll break your legs.' hehe of course I could be wrong...
But Shell is right. Once you put it somewhere for others to use without paying royalties it's copyright infringement.


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We're amongst Garbage fans here... I don't really get this debate... 

Shell Bryson <shell.bryson at dhnewmedia.com> wrote: 

	That's fine, but by PUBLISHING the MP3 you are breaking the law, as that is NOT fair use. Personal use, yes. Distributing it for others to download? No.




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