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Jason de Cordoba jason at vvi.at
Wed Apr 13 15:01:52 PDT 2005

I was writing this and kinda got borked when trying to characterize Shirley.
So I will leave that for all of you experts, as my other impressions may be
helpful and insightful to some of you.  I have to go back to building a web
based pay per view streaming video system anyways...



Written on April 11th 2005 Los Angeles, CA USA after the show:

The Wiltern is an old classy theater in the Koreatown district of downtown
Los Angeles, California USA.  It is the perfect place for just such a band
that has been on hiatus for the few last years to come out and claim their
rightful place in the lap of the Music industry.  After reading about the
London glitches and the "breaking in" and/or (non?) issues of their new Bass
player I was actually expecting a good performance but not what I saw last

I do have a nice collection of numerous boots from Garbage**, but last night
what I saw was not only a flawless performance but I saw a band that was
playing at a refined level that I never heard them at before.  This Band was
tight, clean and showed no weakness especially surrounding musicianship, so
much for that newbie Bass player... In fact Garbage pulled off the important
Gig without a hitch the night before their brand new album hits the US
market.  I cannot help but think about the significance that they chose to
play in LA on this evening, I think it was a brilliant strategy and it may
have given the band the exposure they will need to give us future years of
"Ironic whiplash".

Garbage is simply a class act, Shirley is simply a class act.  Shirley
invited 20 of her young friends apparently from a Video taping onstage to
dance with her during, "Why do you love me".  This simply made the band look
really good, and "In touch" with the music consumer, very nice.  Aparently
Shirley knew several audience members names, and these were the names of
young people (15yr - 20yr ish) clearly not record execs.

Now about Shirley, or well.  She was wearing Pink with black accessories...
I think there is a queue guys...

Sex is not the enemy, Nuff said....

(!Warning - My own legal/economic partisan tirade on Business practice!)
A collection including a bleed like me prerelease I downloaded as it's
release date on the Internet seemed yet again to beat both consumer and
market expectations.  But do note I was in line/queue after the show at
midnight in front of Tower records in Hollywood for an hour to get the new
album simply so I could enjoy a proper drive back home.  Why there was no
"Bleed Like Me" CDs at the vendors in the Wiltern last night is a complete
blunder (blame David Geffen?), the Album has been online for days (Piracy is
not knocking off a product that does not exist, what that is called though
is the initial thievery and/or subsequent end user violation carried out by
parties whom are not a party to an end user license and clearly whom an
industry chooses to ignore as paying consumers with a legitimate demand for
commercial services in established and legitimate market segments.).  I know
how much Shirley cares for the fans but we fans also care for her and it is
years late for a Live Album we could support with standing in lines/queues
presenting coins. Ticketmiser is another thing that should be splatdumped, I
don't recall ever getting a single ticket directly from them and yet I paid
200 bucks via ebay to get two tickets they printed. Oh yea, and the band saw
how much of that 200?

Consistent Industry practice of economic incompetence creates karma lesson
101:  The "Music industry" (inefficient producer cartel #3948) replaced by
Apple Computer in 2007 RIP. Apple sued what 0 illegal software downloaders
last year? Now onto the Film/TV industry... STAY TUNED! lol

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