[Trash-talk] [NGR] Things to see in and around Austin, Texas

petra petra at houston.rr.com
Tue Oct 19 14:07:24 PDT 2004

Amy's ice cream can be found @ 5th street @ lamar on the other side of
Waterloo records shoppe.

Waterloo is a great record store, down lamar heading north is cheapo's

You can go to lake travis and eat @ the fine dinneries around there... yummy
good stuff.... there's mini "Chinatown" but compared that to houston's-- it
sux huge time in Austin... GO TO Guadalupe @ UT campus... good stuff
there... go the thai restaurant.. it's just soo soo soo good.  Hmmm go to
Magnolia restaurant... there's shopping all around the downtown area for
weird cooky stuff... if you want to find anything just email me.. I lived in
Austin for 9 months and will move back in a few months again to finish out
my BS in biology :D WEE *Waves*

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