[Trash-talk] [NGR] Things to see in and around Austin, Texas

Pbecwar at netscape.net Pbecwar at netscape.net
Mon Oct 18 21:23:54 PDT 2004

Three words:  AMY's ICE CREAM

Mark Perry <msp0 at yahoo.com> wrote:

>I'm in Austin, Texas for work for 2 weeks, and wondered if anyone has
>any tips on what to do in and around Austin. I've been here before in
>1995, and  am looking forward to 6th Street again :-) but some local
>and up-to-date knowledge would be great.
>I'm thinking of going to Houston and Galveston on the weekend, to see
>the ocean ... or is it just a mass of oil refineries there?!
>Drop me a line directly if you have any hints ...
>thanks ...
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