[Trash-talk] Shirley's latest studio diary and assorted other prattlings...

Susan Senn kanuz at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 18 22:36:09 PDT 2004

This has been a happily active trash-talk week.  Score.

So I was reading in Shirl's latest diary about how excited they were to go 
see Michael Moore at the Union here in Madison, and I got pissed off.  I've 
lived in Madison for about three years now and I keep having these damned 
near misses with them (Apart from when I saw Duke and Steve at the Yeah Yeah 
Yeahs).  I was supposed to work at the Michael Moore lecture, but I was sick 
so rather than going out in the cold I stayed in and watched Saved! with my 
boyfriend.  Dammit.  I wish I would have gone now.  Even though I would have 
just stood awkwardly off to the side and elbowed all of my friends saying 
"there's Garbage" and pointing.  Ah well.

I also have so much Garbagey gossip stored within my tiny frame.  I really 
want to say it all, because lord some of it's juicy, but I can't because a 
lot of it involves personal things.  And it sucks because I'm a girl that 
loves to gossip.

In non garbage news...everyone should go check out Jennifer Finch's new band 
The Shocker (www.shockersite.com).  They played a show for me a few weeks 
ago and were really tight sounding and, as people, so sweet it was 
incredible.  So many rockstars are a-holes it's refreshing to meet the ones 
that aren't.

Enough from me,

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