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>Subject: [Trash-talk] Let's Not Hold Back...
>Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 16:51:40 +0000
>All right so come on my trashy people let's go through every title and say 
>what the title makes us think about what's to come.  It'll be fun, I 

do you PROMISE? well alrighty then. i'll give it a whirl.

>Hands On A Hard Body - I'm not the biggest fan of this title, either.  It 
>does have a Shirley feel to it, but it has kind of that 
>Shirley-as-she's-really-been-into-hip-hop kind of feel to it.  It's a 
>little high on the cheese factor.I prefer the simpler titles like Version 
>2.0...that was a great title.

eep. there's that phrase again. cheese factor. i keep picturing shirley's 
ladyboys with big foam wisconsin cheese things that you wave around at 
football games. version 2.0 was the unrivaled brilliant album title that 
they'll probably never outdo. hands on a hard body, i still like it. it 
makes me think of shirley and her .. how do i phrase it .. her preoccupation 
with sexual things? that isn't quite what i mean. her vocal nature about sex 
and things.

>Be my Bad Boyfriend -

an homage to that dude she had sex with in the construction site. i predict 
the lyrics "it was the most uncomfortable place ever, it was disgusting and 
filthy!" haha, just kidding. sorry about my preoccupation with shirley's 
sexual commentaries.

>Run -

i keep thinking pink floyd "run like hell", which kittie did a cover of, 
which shirley likes, (the band kittie i mean), and so i'm off playing six 
degrees of kevin bacon instead of thinking of what the song will be like. 
something makes me think it will just take off from the first note and kick 
my ass upon the first listen. i'll be scared because i'll have the music on 
too loud. oooooh. i'm getting really excited about this album now.

>Why don't you come over -

well dangit, grrl, i've been wanting to pop over forever and ever! but you 
never asked. OK but i'm bringing pancake batter and i'm gonna make a lovely 
short stack of love for youuuuuuuu <3

sounds like it will be a tender yearning sort of mid-tempo song .. or not.

>Guilty -

this will be a good one, i predict. they all will be to ME, because i like 
everything garbage. but this one especially, cuz when shirley sings about 
being GUILTY it's going to have great lyrics, and of course music. guilt .. 
like wicked ways. wicked ways 2004 edition! she keeps trying to change her 
wicked ways, but to no avail :)

>It's all over but the Crying. -

i agree with susan. cup of coffee, baby. definitely. and/or can't cry these 
tears. am i the only G fan who liked that song? anyway, yeah, garbage really 
came into their own on doing those slower feeling-driven mood pieces on BG. 
this song will send them catapulting into the next level, whatever that 
means. i need more coffee.

>Sex is not the Enemy -

noooooooo sex is our friend, not our enemy. but perhaps being trapped within 
the social confines of the ever-uptight united states of america probably 
finally made shirley feel the need to spell it out simply. yikes. forget i 
said that. i don't wanna get hauled off to prison for being unpatriotic, 

>Hanging with the Bitches - I fear this one as well for the same reason as 
>Be my Bad Boyfriend.  It seems like it has kind of a Winger feeling to it.  
>On the other hand I have this feeling that this is Nala's favorite.

YO! homeslice!! how did you know? hehe. yeah, i love everything about this 
song. i want to marry this song in my vinyl orange thong (version 2.0 
commemorative edition thong) and then the union of song and thongboy will 
transform me into the bad boyfriend of shirley's dreams and we'll run off 
and ...

winger? that's hilarious! hey, wasn't this the one that is supposed to 
(according to butch) have a talking heads funk groove, only darker and 
moodier? if so, this is the song i've been freaking out about for well over 
a year or something.

>Why don't you love Me. -

but i DO love you. oh wait. you're singing to charlie rose, aren't you? i 
know you have a crush on him, don't lie.

i love this song title at the moment and am suffering because i want to hear 
it this instant.
it's the question that we've all felt, that we have probably all suffered 
the most over, of all life's experiences .. which makes me think of cup of 

>Calling All Girls - This one makes me think of Blondie, it does sound fun.  
>It sounds dancey.

yeah! dancey! calling all girls, out onto the dance floor! YAY.

>HoneyBee - This one makes me think of Can't Seem To Make You Mine; the way 
>Shirl's vocals were super chorus-ey with a lot of effects on it, all coated 
>in sound.  yeah.

all coated in sound. i love that analogy. or whatever it is. honeybee sounds 
like a bunch of garbagey things all rolled together into something sweet and 
sticky. hey, who's playing bass on this stuff? this song makes me think of 
the daniel dance for some reason.

>Bleed Like Me -

the quintessential shirley manson song title. i love shirley manson. i 
predict that the lyrics of this song will kick total ass. god i sound like a 
frat boy .. i really don't know what to say about this one. i think it's the 
one i'm most intrigued about.

>Right Between the Eyes -

... or maybe THIS one was the talking heads funk groove one. well it 
actually kinda sounds like a talking heads song TITLE too, so i bet it is. 
*bdoink* right between the eyes. that would be cool if this song does some 
sonic imaging of sound that makes the listener feel like they've just been 
hit between the eyes with something. right at either the beginning or the 
bridge. i bet it's totally bopamatic and fast-paced.

>Space Can come Through Anyone - This one makes me think of the bridge in 
>Begging Bone where Shirl's vocals are double tracked but the vocals have 
>slightly different timings and also that bit in Use Me where the guitar 
>sort of trickles up. I really like both of those so I think this one will 
>be good.

that's awesome. i'm not even gonna ponder this track. i'm just gonna go with 
what susan said. i want that to be true.

>Nobody Can Win - This one seems like the good old 
>everyone's-basically-fucked-anyway-so-why-bother type of song.  I actually 
>like those, because when you have a shitty ot's nice to come home and put 
>on a track that shows you someone else feels the same way.

yeah, totally. nobody can win, nobody loves you, this world is totally 
screwed up and we're going to hell in a handbasket. leave me alone, you 
trampled upon my heart, i just want the world to stop spinning so i can get 
off. i love songs that let me celebrate my shitty mood right out of my 

>There you have it.  Now someone else go.

TAG -- you're it!


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