[Trash-talk] Enjoy the Silence?

Claude Knaus clyde7 at bluewin.ch
Sun May 9 23:24:28 PDT 2004


I'm Claude (clyde), 30, live in Switzerland. I used to be on TT when 
Version 2.0 came out. The only person I still recognize is Ian :-) My 
garbage fan-page was called "Enjoy Garbage" (see how that fits the 
subject), but it was shutdown at some point. I created that Shirley 
hand-writing font which you may have seen. Garbage has only done 2 
concerts in Switzerland so far, of course I went to both of them.

I'm a software engineer and currently writing software for the next gen 
cell phone you're going to buy :-)

I listen now more to Jazz than anything else, but I'm still awaiting 
fresh stuff from Garbage eagerly.

-- Claude

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