[Trash-talk] Hank Hughes

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Fri Mar 26 15:04:54 PST 2004

Famous London based producer Hank Hughes lectured my class about the music 
industry (I think he has a crush on Kylie Minogue, he kept talking about her 
fabulous smile), and I asked him about Butch Vig (of course) and to my shock 
he didn't recognize his name!! And they've worked on the same record 
once!!!! Hank did a remix for House Of Pain who Butch produced..! So I told 
him about Butch, what kinds of records he's worked on, but he didn't know 
who he was until I mentioned Garbage. Then he knew who I was talking about, 
and he said he'd be doing his homework on Butch when he got back to London. 
He said he's a big fan of Garbage! That their procutions are excellent. But 
the reason they're no so popular is because of their age (but we already 
know that), they're not young and hot (apart from Shirley).
Ok, time to go home, have dinner and go to my free test run of yoga.


"Listen to Genie, dear, Genie knows."

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