[Trash-talk] new diaries / plus the NGR band i wanna mention

Pbecwar at netscape.net Pbecwar at netscape.net
Sun Mar 14 20:54:43 PST 2004

I dunno about cake but I can make some mean Betty Crocker brownies.  Perhaps my California cohorts will be able to sample a batch when I arrive in several weeks.  btw Alan here is your horoscope for the day:  April 7th will be a good day to spend time at the mall.


"Alan Hoppe" <scully_itsme at hotmail.com> wrote:

>new diaries posted a few days ago, nobody mentioned that here.
>i don't know the exact official date but we're right around the Garbage 10th 
>Anniversary point, aren't we? we should throw a big big party. a cyberparty! 
>if we each baked a cake and placed it in front of our webcam at the same 
>exact moment blowing out the garbage birthday candles and somehow hooked it 
>up to some newfangled web feed, and then we could have a dance contest.
>or not.
>I have a band to throw into the NGR promo ring: SCHOOLYARD HEROES! They're 
>really entertaining to watch and put on a fantastic high-energy show. If 
>you're living in Southern California or Las Vegas, check out SCHOOLYARD 
>HEROES at one 'o these venues/dates:
>March 19th at the Placebo in Arcata, CA.
>March 20th at the Riff Raff in Chico, CA.
>March 21st at the Anarchy Library in Downey, CA.
>March 23rd at the Derby in Hollywood, CA.
>March 24th at the Cooler Lounge in Las Vegas, NV.
>March 25th at Zen Sushi in Los Angeles, CA.
>Nooo, I'm not part of an annoying street team or anything. I caught their 
>set opening for the Presidents of the United States of America the other 
>week, and I thought they were the highlight of the night. They've got a 
>female lead singer, and she's got awesome stage presence and voice. Her 
>bandmate counterparts on bass and lead guitar add to that dynamic in no 
>small way. Their guitarist is kickass and the bassist throws in some dual 
>vocals. Good drums too. They're not something you'd compare to Garbage or 
>anything, other than going "three dudes and a female frontperson". But they 
>sing about important social topics, like zombies, the dawn of the dead, 
>puppet people attacks, and other really terror-ific things. Check them out. 
>Also they've got an album out - The Funeral Sciences - for those not living 
>in that area. There are a couple of tracks from it you can download at 
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