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Mark msp0 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 10 14:58:02 PST 2004


It's really easy to deal with these sort of things ... just put the
show on the other foot. How about: "Curve ripped off Jesus Jones"??!!

Let's not stop there: Trent Reznor ripped off DAF! (One for the older
members of the list!) ... it's endless.

What matters is the intent. Garbage are talented musicians, who have
shown many different styles on their records.

Just for the record: I have all the Curve albums. I do like them a lot,
although they do seem to find it hard to deviate from a particular
style at times. But when they get it right, it's awesome. I'd love to
see them live, and I'd love for Dean to play bass on a Garbage record!

These sort of accusations are often made by the music press, and often
if you go back through what was said, they contradict themselves over
time, so that the first album was "fresh, innovative, immaculate", but
when the second album comes out, then the first album was "tired,
derivative, overproduced" etc. etc.

I also predict this is another one of my posts that won't be replied
to! ;-)


--- bathtub gin <garbagebase at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Well I wouldn't have a problem with a statement that Garbage copied
> Curve, that they were influenced by Curve, that they incorporate
> elements of Curve's sound, that they borrowed from Curve, etc... 
> I just don't like the phrase "rip off" applied to something that by
> definition cannot be owned. To me, it makes them sound like babies,
> "they ripped us off, boo hoo hoo..."
> Imitation, after all, is often called the highest form of flattery. 
> > As for bathtub gin's comment "It's not like anyone can "own" a
> sound,
> > so in that sense there was nothing to rip off.  I like Curve but
> this
> > Garbage-ripped-us-off business is just plain lame and
> unprofessional."
> > 
> > Sorry to say this but G did rip off Curve and have almost admitted
> it
> > a  few times :) Doesn't matter that much though as Butch Vig and
> Alan
> > Moulder (the "third" member of the Curve partnership in TODAL
> studios
> > -  Toni-Dean-Alan get it? - and Toni's husband) are good friends
> from
> > working together over the years. At one point Butch was even being 
> > lined up to produce a Curve LP, or so I'm told.
> > 
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